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Interview Bridge to Hawaii. Environmental Travel Project.

What is the project about?

The project is supported by 3 pillars:

1. The first pillar is: LOVE

Since 2013 I have been intensively concerning myself with all aspects of love in theoretical and practical use. What does it mean in daily life to decide for love and how to act accordingly? I´m telling the stories on my way. I’m writing them. Many short stories have brought me in contact with Hawaii. For over two decades the islands have had an impact on me without ever being there. The word Aloha in German is translated into Liebe (Love) so it stimulates my curiosity. A force is pulling towards Hawaii which I cannot explain.

2. The second pillar is: BRIDGE

My interest in Hawaii has put me in touch with the Hokule´a the Polynesian canoe and its
worldwide voyage. A lot of people support this adventure. The PVS (Polynesian Voyaging Society), initiator of the canoe also uses the voyage to show climate change issues and to find sustainable solutions for climate change. The message is “Malama Honua” and it means “to care for our Island Earth”. It also includes establishing environmental projects in early education so that children become more aware about protecting the environment.
The Hokule´a has travelled to all continents except Europe. I´m not sure why, however, I want to support the people involved in the canoe and the “Malama Honua” which has an Influence on all of us. So my idea is to build a bridge to connect people and close the gap.

3. The third pillar is: TRAVEL

To tell a real life story you have to experience it. Just writing about the Hokule´a wasn’t enough. I wanted to do more. This was the moment that the idea of the environmental travel project was born. In October 2017 started the B2H Crew with the first members and I created an „us“ with this step.

Environmentally friendly travelling? Is it possible? What kinds of opportunities are offered by the different forms of transport? What is about everyday products such as toothpaste, socks or Mobile phone? Or even cars, ships or planes? What is possible and what isn’t?

The elements water, earth and air are all components of the trip and include all aspects of
environmental issues. The plan is to travel with a ship (preferable with a sailing vessel) across the Atlantic, maybe with SkySails technology. Then to travel with an environmentally friendly vehicle to the US west coast and then fly to Hawaii. On the islands the 3 pillars will join together to connect the people in real time and to intensify the connection creating a space for new stories and getting to know each other.

How can you support the project?

We are feeling happy about our product sponsors RAW Elements USA, HYDROPHIL (Hamburg, Germany) and i+m Berlin (Germany) and looking forward to new companies who support our journey, our idea, our vision. The goal is to reach as many people as possible to create new connections and to support the “Malama Honua”.

We need 13 plus 3 places (Film crew) on a ship crossing the Atlantic, transport opportunities crossing the US (train tickets for example)
and flight seats to the Hawaiian Islands (our favorite company: Hawaiian Airlines, sponsor of the Hokule´a)

We need 13 plus 3 places on the journey (approximately 14 days) and on the Hawaiian Islands (approximately 14 days). Private by the locals, AirBnB or hotels (preferable in an evironmental friendly context) are possibilities.

The B2H Crew and Film team also need the daily dose food & beverage beside love, Aloha. Cooking with the locals, farmers markets, vegetarian food, seasonal & regional is our focus with an open eye to others.

We are looking for companies which produce technical equipment like Mobile phones (for example FAIRPHONE), Laptops & gadgets for filming and things for the journey like suitcases & bags, clothes (a special B2H collection) & cleaning supplies.

Retelling helps immensely, if you do not discover other synergies!
Thank you, mahalo nui loa, for your support.

PS. We are looking forward to answering your question as well.
Please feel free to write us:

Who is the target group?

Are you interested in environmentally friendly solutions in everyday life?
Do you want to ensure that your children will enjoy life on this earth in the future?
Do you like travelling but environmental issues make you feel helpless?
Do you like adventures?
Are you looking for inspiration?
Are you interested in Love?

Then you are exactly in the right place! Welcome!

PS. Hokule´a and Malama Honua.

Über Alice Zumbé

Wer bin ich? Meine immer währende Neugierde auf Menschen aller Art gab schnell den Weg zur Portraitmalerei frei. Jedoch auch andere Facetten meines Lebens führten zu zahlreichen Interessensgebieten. Immer mit dem Blick was draussen passiert - sowohl im Detail als auch im großen Ganzen. Es bleibt spannend in der Welt.
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